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Hi, I’m Rish and I’m the creator and face behind Dish by Rish.

I’m a London based Dentist, a MasterChef Quarter-Finalist, and a private chef. But above all, I’m just a huge foodie. Dish by Rish started off as a passion project to share my own recipes and creations, a space to spread positivity and enjoyment through food.

Sharing with a smile has always been my motto, and I guess with a career in Dentistry it seemed rather fitting, right? This space is filled with all the foods and flavours that I love, and each recipe is meticulously thought out and tested until it’s perfect in my eyes.

My love for food goes back as far as I can remember. I was fortunate to grow up around two incredible cooks, my mum and my grandmother, who fuelled my desire to cook and to create. My grandmother made dishes inspired by almost every region of India, and she knew her way around spices and aromatics like the back of her hand. Her play on flavours and ingredients was like no other, and to this day I don’t think I’ve ever had any Indian food that could have matched hers. My mum makes incredible Indian food but she’s also ventured out into learning Italian, Mexican, and East Asian inspired dishes, just to name a few. She’s no stranger to coming up with her own creations and always ready to try cooking up a new dish or learning a new cuisine. Perhaps it’s in the genes?

Dish by Rish MastechefUK

My love and passion for food has been an incredible and personal journey. I applied for MasterChef UK 2022, and after making it on to the show I finished as a Quarter-Finalist. A title and personal achievement that I hold proudly. Since then I have also ventured into becoming a private chef and have cooked high end vegetarian menus for some wonderful clients.

I can’t really box my food into a particular cuisine, I enjoy making a variety and my passion lies in creating entirely new concepts. I will try my hand at any cuisine, as each one provides a new set of skills and an education into culture, ingredients, and cooking methods. I love utilising the knowledge gained through various cuisines to fuel my creativity for new dishes and ideas. This all led me to take a leap of faith and start up Dish by Rish, and now here we are.